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50+ Best Beauty Salon Website Templates

Beauty Salon is a place most chosen by the people to relax themselves and maintain themselves. From hair cut till manicures, salon is responsible for delivering all the facilities to them. Beauty is something people are searching for in the salons. Since, the importance of salons is

50+ Best Fitness Gym Website Templates

Health consciousness is spreading like fire day by day. As the diseases are on hike, people are tending towards fitness. The very first parameter towards a healthy body is exercise. Since, lives are too busy to take some time out and find some exercises, gyms are the

40+ Best Lawyer WordPress Themes For Attorneys and Law Firms 2017

Lawyers are the ones who need to gain the trust of their clients by adding professionalism, potential and a strong profile access over internet. The profile is first identity of a person and many of the most talented professionals lack behind the proper profile and so are

50+ Popular Corporate Business WordPress Themes 2017

There are many folks who have been successful in establishing their firm but when it comes to their online stuff and marketing, they do not have well built up profiles. It is said that no matter how well the firm can perform but until and unless they

45 Best Responsive Real Estate WordPress Themes 2017

WordPress is a very magnificent platform for the ones who want to build up a website which provides real estate contracts. The themes include features that initiates the list of sale and rest of properties, pricing of the property, links with Google maps etc. WordPress has dispensed

50+ Best Hotel WordPress Themes 2017

Templates have been designed to ease the work of developers and let them concentrate on other factors of their firm. Here are some of the 50+ Best Hotel WordPress Themes 2017, which are breath taking , useful for the people working on the hotels. With the help

75+ Best Education Website Templates

Educational websites are in a great pace of importance these days. As the technology is improvising, people are getting more aware and worried about their career. Increased population may be one the reason to achieve the best and have a concern about it. Word press is here

50+ Best Vcard Resume WordPress Themes 2017

Vcard is basically used to prepare online resume. The world full of competition demands of something interactive and distinctive to achieve the success. To succeed in career, resume is the most prominent aspect. Be it a field of technology or some fashion industry which requires your personal

25+ Best Free Music WordPress Themes 2017

Everyone today find different measures of happiness. Music is one of them. People find themselves quite relaxed and happy while playing to their favorite tracks. Music basically captivates the mind of people and let them relax while making them forget workload and all the emotions damaging them.

50+ Best Transportation WordPress Themes 2017

Transportation is something which is very important to reach from one place to another quickly. There are no of transportation available keeping in mind the requirement of people. Some travel to local places so they need car, bus or auto while some wish international business tours, so